I read a lot about a “method” of raising a baby called RIE before Emily was born, but I forgot everything and abandoned it during her first few months. I visited a friend of mine and her 2 week old yesterday, and she and I talked about RIE! It reinvigorated me and I’m once again enthusiastic about the method (mostly). I’m not an expert, but it basically believes in respecting your baby (including how you talk to them), giving them alone time to play independently, and limiting baby containers/passive toys (swings, electronic toys, etc). We don’t agree with everything that RIE believes, but do I like these three things a lot!

Josh and I have done a thing called “together but alone time” for years – doing our own things but in the same room. We’ve done it here and there with Emily, but not really on purpose – mostly just realizing after the fact that she was content just laying on the bed while I folded laundry next to her, etc. Today, I made a conscious effort to do “together but alone time” with her! We were in the living room in the morning, and later in the day I moved us into the backyard when the rain stopped! She was totally content to just squirm and coo on her mat for 30 minutes while I read a book nearby. We’ll see if this continues, but I wish I remembered RIE sooner!


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