Three months! February 17.

According to our home scale, you’re about 12 lb! That’s the 28th percentile – it’s really amazing how you keep growing and growing! You’re in both 0-3 month and 3-6 month outfits. Our big girl!!!

Your likes are the same as last month: car rides, anything in the wrap or Ergo, looking at yourself on FaceTime or in the mirror, your high contrast toys, and it really seems like you love being outside – whether it’s the fresh air or the leaves in the trees, it really seems to make you happy. You still dislike being disturbed while sleeping and waiting to eat.

This month had more firsts! First time meeting grandpa and Granny Annie, first time meeting Mimi, first boat ride, and your first wedding! 🚢👰

You give us smiles every day! You’re definitely not a super smiley baby, but you smile here and there from morning to night. You make lots of different cute noises – sometimes it seems like you’re mimicking my silly noises, but not consistently. You can do baby push-ups with no problem and have started testing out rolling over – you haven’t rolled yet, but it’s so cute to see you try to figure out how to do it! Your head stays steady when we hold you by your hands or when our hands are around your body. You even can support weight while “standing” on your legs! You’ve started grabbing at toys and can sometimes hold on to them too, long enough to bring them to your mouth!

Your “schedule” was all over the place this month – luckily you seem to go with the flow without any issues! You’re eating every two to three hours during the day, napping three or four times, and you’ve started sleeping through the night – you’ve had a few nights of 10pm-7am which were seriously amazing, but mostly you sleep 7:30pm-4am, wake up to eat, and then pass back out until about 7:30am. You actually aren’t even doing your upset/hungry cry at 4am, but I still feed you – maybe you just want to hang out? Either way, we definitely aren’t complaining!!

It’s so fun to see you interacting with the world. We are so blessed to be your parents, little girl! 💕


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