Two months! January 17.

According to your 2 month check up, you’re now 9 lb 13 oz!!!! That’s the 12th percentile for all babies, not just preemies – you’ve grown so much! You’ve also grown over 3" since you were born – you’re now 21.25" long! Our big girl 💗 You’re officially out of NB clothing and into 0-3 month outfits. Some brands fit you better than others; the Gap onesie in this photo is still a bit big on you!

You like car rides, walks in the wrap (actually anything in the wrap), being outside, looking at yourself in the mirror, falling asleep to white noise, dancing with Dad, your Wimmer-Ferguson high contrast toys, and FaceTiming. You hate being disturbed while sleeping, waiting to eat, and hitting yourself in the eye (ouch!).

This month was full of firsts: Christmas and New Years!, overnight road trip (to Tahoe), seeing snow, and camping!

We’re still eagerly waiting for your first social smile – we see hints of it here and there but mostly you seem thoughtful or surprised when looking at us! (Sometimes even annoyed, haha) You make a few different “happy” noises and we can differentiate between your cries – you have a hungry cry and a tired “caw”! Your upper body is also getting a lot stronger – you can do a little baby push-up and get your head up high enough to look around! You can also keep your head steady when we support your back or if we pull you to a sit. Strong little girl!

Your schedule is basically the same as last month – eating every three hours with about four naps during the day. Nighttime isn’t as consistent … sometimes you only wake up once (around 3 or 4am) which is amazingggg but sometimes it’s twice (around 1 or 2am and then again around 4 or 5am). We don’t expect you to sleep through the night anytime soon but it would be nice if you would be consistent with just one nighttime meal 😋 You’ve had at least one growth spurt this month – I think you still might be in one right now because you are ravenous some evenings!!

You make such funny faces and sometimes it seems like you’re responding to our dumb jokes. It’s so fun seeing more of your personality every day! We are loving getting to know you 💗


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