This little girl is EIGHT weeks old today. How did 8 weeks go by so fast!? 

My church has a mothers group and we went for the first time time today. It was actually a lot of fun! Tons of women – like at least 50 – and lots of babies AND really delicious breakfast food. They offer childcare starting at 3 months so Emily stayed with me and slept in the wrap the whole time. The speaker today was our senior pastor and his wife – they discussed marriage in the context of children and it was a great talk. I love hearing and talking about marriage – I’m so blessed to be married to my best friend!

We went for a walk after the group – Ben was very sad he wasn’t invited.

When people said babies were “fun,” I really didn’t understand at all. How can a baby be fun?… they don’t do anything. But wow, I cannot believe how much fun it is to just look at and talk to Emily. She’s in a newborn onesie in these photos and it’s pretty obvious that her arms are too long for it… but it fits her little body! It might be time to retire her NB clothes and officially move on to the 0-3 month stuff… she has a ton of 0-3 month clothes so it will be fun to see some new outfits! I’m getting a head start on embarrassing her by putting her socks over her little pants.

I love the last two photos – seeing her look at me and reach for my face just melts my heart. (Samantha photobombed one of them – she was very curious about what we were doing.) 


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