Scenes from our week so far! That bottom lip! 😍 We went to a La Leche League meeting on Monday with one of the girls in my women’s Bible study – she’s due next month! It was very interesting and neat to meet women who practice things that I’ve only read about (like nursing toddlers, etc). I’m not sure if I’ll go back but I’m glad I went!

We were cooped up at home all day on Tuesday because of the bad weather but went on two walks on Wednesday. First a two mile walk in the afternoon – Emily slept and I listened to a podcast – and then a walk with Josh and the dogs in the evening. It was pretty cold out so we put on her adorable bear suit… we both had hoods 😊 I’ve been wearing her in the K’tan since she fits in it now. It’s definitely not as supportive as the Boba and I wouldn’t wear it on long walks or hiking, but it’s perfect to just throw on since it is super easy. 

Emily gets to play on her tummy time mat every day. She’s getting so strong! I don’t know why, but I didn’t think it would be SO much fun to see her grow like this – I kind of thought babies were babies, but there’s such a difference between a newborn and a 4 week old and a 7 week old… duh!!


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