Week 36! November 14.

  • Weight gain: 29.5 lb (-2 lb since last week; I’m hoping that this is just from me getting less swollen!)
  • Symptoms: swelling continues to get better! Heart burn doesn’t bother me as long as I take Tums once or twice a day!
  • Exercise: just walking!!! This was a very lazy week, whoops…
  • Movement: lots of kicks and movement all day, especially in the evenings. We had our 36 week appointment this morning and she HAS dropped, as confirmed by the ultrasound! I’m adding a new bullet point for what else we learned at the appointment…
  • Signs of labor: her head is low, -2 station, and her back is along the right side of my belly. I’m 1 cm dilated and 75% effaced! Almost like she wants to come early 🤗 We have a 37 week appointment next Tuesday to check my stats and figure out when to induce!
  • Best moment this week: the concert was great, but the best moment was my mom arriving!! 
  • Looking forward to: we have another concert this Friday and a labor class on Saturday!

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