Week 35! November 7.

  • Weight gain: 31.5 lb (-2 lb since last week)
  • Symptoms: my swelling isn’t as bad this week!! Tums have really helped my heartburn! This week is definitely an improvement over last week! I’m also finally feeling hungry, something I haven’t felt for the last few weeks. I was surprised to wake up on Saturday really hungry despite eating our huge dinner on Friday
  • Exercise: lifted twice and walked twice… actually more than twice if I count walks with Josh and the dogs, but two of the walks were purposely for “exercise.” Running just hasn’t felt great the last few weeks so I decided to take a week (or more) off!
  • Movement: still lots of movement – twirls and kicks! As of this weekend, it feels like she has “dropped” – her head/back/bum (whatever was pushing up on my ribcage) has dropped lower, and I can now bend over with a lot less discomfort… it feels like my uterus isn’t as high. However, my belly looks the same, and I think it’s supposed to be visually obvious when the baby does drop… Maybe she hasn’t dropped at all and she’s just repositioning, but I’m excited for our ultrasound next week to see if she’s actually head down!
  • Best moment this week: dinner at Lazy Bear!!
  • Looking forward to: we have a concert this Thursday in Santa Cruz and I can’t wait! PLUS it’s my last week of work – I can’t believe that after this week, I will be gone until April!! (Though I do plan on coming back for friend-coworker lunches!)

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