Friday night surprise: dinner at Lazy Bear! It’s been on our list for a long time and it was such a fun experience and the food was great! They do two seatings – 6pm and 8:30pm, and we were in the latter group. We arrived at 8:30 and they took us upstairs and served drinks with five appetizers while the 6pm group finished their meal downstairs. When it was time for the full meal to start, they moved everyone downstairs to the communal tables!

It was our first time with communal dining at a Michelin restaurant – it was pretty different to sit right next to strangers and the restaurant definitely encouraged conversation, which was fun, but we felt like it was less like a date and more like a party. However, the couple we sat next to was super interesting – the husband was from Germany, the wife from France, and they had just moved from Paris with their three tween-age kids! They both work in tech and we learned that the wife is the CFO at a French consumer electronics company (I’m purposely leaving out the name because it’s pretty well known – at least in Silicon Valley – though she was surprised and happy that I knew the company and their products) and I managed to muster up the courage to exchange contact information with her. Pretty neat!!

We got the beverage pairing for Josh and he loved it – I really like that he enjoys wine and is so good at tasting it (remembering regions, vintages, grapes, etc). They give every guest a little notebook with the menu and Josh took some notes on the pairings. One of them was a Syrah from Morocco and he kept talking about it! 

We’re so excited for our baby to arrive soon but we’re making a point to do extra “just us” stuff before she arrives, and this was a perfect night! 


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