This weekend we took Bunny to Vegas!! She mentioned back in March that she wanted to see O, the Cirque de Soleil show, and we said we’d take her for her birthday. Time was running out for a trip before the baby, but we made it happen! We visited Vegas for one night many years ago (on our big three month road trip after grad school in 2011) – it’s such an experience.

We flew out Saturday afternoon – Josh and Bunny had a great time playing trivia and Pac Man on the plane. Our first time flying Virgin and it was great! We checked into our hotel (Wyndham Desert Blue just off the strip – we were upgraded to a suite room!) and then headed to the strip for dinner and lots of walking!!

We had dinner at Hash House a Go Go, the most ridiculous name for a restaurant. Josh had a HUGE BLT Bloody Mary that came with a piece of toast, and we all split a burger and fried chicken – I haven’t had a burger in what feels like forever and it was delicious.

Then we WALKED – like 5.5 miles in total. We started at the LINQ and made it to the Wynn, because Josh wanted to show us a free show. Bunny and I didn’t know what to expect – there was just a big stone wall and waterfall behind a big pool. Then the “show” started… it was 2 minutes of that big frog singing! It was so weird! We hung out and kept talking and waited for the next show – a different one plays every 30 minutes. In the next one, a giant head rose out of the water and different faces sang another song while images of a bull and matador played on the waterfall wall… it was so, so weird. Josh is so good at finding very unique things to do in the cities we visit!

We made it back to our hotel around midnight and passed out!


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