Week 33! October 24. 

  • Weight gain: 27 lb (+0.5 lb since last week)
  • Symptoms: swelling in my feet, still! It’s sometimes annoying to pull off my skinny jeans or athletic leggings… they get stuck on my feet 🙈 She is also pushing upwards into my ribcage these days – bending forward (even a little) can sometimes be very uncomfortable. I am looking forward to when she “drops!”
  • Exercise: lifted three times and ran three times – once on the treadmill! Lifting continues to feel great but running outside is getting a little tough – it takes like a mile to warm up and not feel like I’m running through sand. Running on the treadmill felt awesome – maybe because there’s no incline? (I used to add a bit of incline while on the treadmill but not these days!) 
  • Movement: she has been moving all over this week! Getting to 10 kicks in 10 minutes the three days that we counted, but squirmy every day!
  • Best moment this week: Josh has been so wonderful! We went to our first baby class together on Monday and Josh was super engaged and inquisitive. It makes me even more eager for our new addition when I see how excited Josh is about her! On Thursday, our doula came over for a few hours and showed us a bunch of different techniques for massage/support during labor – she showed Josh everything and it definitely made him feel better about how he can be helpful when I go into labor!
  • Looking forward to: ANOTHER baby class tomorrow (this one on breastfeeding) and something else fun planned for this weekend!

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