Week 32! October 17.

  • Weight gain: 26.5 lb (+3 lb since last week)
  • Symptoms: still swollen! I took my rings off and put them on my necklace because I was worried about them getting stuck on my finger… included above is a photo of my swollen fingers and another of the “pitting” on my ankle, kinda gross! Also I experienced third trimester “morning sickness” (AKA vomiting) twice last week, very weird, but at least I feel better right after.
  • Exercise: lifted three times and ran three times (once on the treadmill)! Running was better this week – it takes a while to get rid of the “heavy” feeling in my legs, but my breathing/heart rate all feel great.
  • Movement: measured her kicks just three different nights – she got to 10 kicks in 10 minutes all three nights! I’ve heard that later in the third trimester she will move less as she runs out of space, but we haven’t gotten there yet!
  • Best moment last week: just an overall great week! 🤗
  • Looking forward to: our newborn care class on Wednesday and checking in with our doula on Thursday! Lots of baby stuff this week. 👶 Also I planned a surprise for this Sunday and I’m very excited about it! 

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