Week 29! September 26.

  • Weight gain: 18 lb (+2 lb since two weeks ago)
  • Symptoms: really nothing! I keep waiting for some bad symptoms to start but so far so good… 🙏🏻 (Ben jumped up on me just before this photo and I now realize his scratches look like stretch marks…)
  • Exercise: just lifted once (in Rapid City!) – plus the hikes on our trip
  • Movement: kicking like crazy in the evenings! I got a “kick count card” from my doctor to complete a few times each week so now I’ll be providing data for this bullet point…
  • Best moment last week: the trip, duh! Also imagining having our baby on the trip with us and how things would be different!
  • Looking forward to: my baby shower this weekend! I seriously cannot believe that it’s already here…

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