Day seven! Woke up early and got picked up for our fly fishing adventure!! I planned this in secret so Josh had no idea! 🤗

Our guide was great! He provided all transportation and gave us quick on-land lessons in casting and reeling in a fish (if we caught one), and he let us bring the dogs! We were on the river (the Madison) for almost three hours – it was wonderful being on the river and just chatting with our guide. We went in with no expectations of catching anything, which was good because I am so bad at fly fishing… but Josh picked it up right away, and he even caught a rainbow trout!! 🐟 So amazing!!!

Back in town, we stopped for coffee at a local place Josh found – he has declared it the best coffee we’ve had on the trip thus far! We ate our dinner leftovers for lunch (our suite had a fridge and microwave!) and hit the road for Glacier National Park!

The drive north was beautiful but we didn’t get to our campsite in Glacier until dark. We set up and passed out!


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