More day six! We had a long drive from North Dakota to Bozeman, Montana so we broke it up with two stops once we crossed the state border. First stop was at a deli in Miles City where we got coffee and split a sandwich – the sandwich was actually really delicious!

Two hours later we stopped at a brewery in Billings for a tasting flight (for Josh) and a “cheese crunchie” (for us) – a cheese crunchie or cheese frenchee is a breaded and fried grilled cheese sandwich! It was popular through the Midwest, apparently, in the 1960’s. It was really delicious!

Two hours more and we arrived Bozeman and checked into our hotel where we were upgraded to a suite room with a kitchenette! We decided to take advantage of the upgrade and after taking the dogs for a walk around the super cute downtown, we stopped into a co-op for a take away salad and ingredients for a simple pasta dish. We had a great night cooking dinner and watching a movie while it rained outside!


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