Day five! Also our second wedding anniversary. ♥️ We woke up early (though the dogs wanted to keep sleeping), went to the gym, grabbed breakfast and some more food to go, and hit the road at 9am!

First stop: Deadwood. We LOVED the TV show Deadwood but we knew that this town would be nothing like the show… it’s kind of a tourist trap. Josh switched into tour guide mode and led us in a great little tour of the city – we found the spot where Jack McCall was caught (which was in the show!) and we tried to go into the cemetery to see the graves of Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane but we stuck to the outside since the cemetery doesn’t allow dogs…

We took some “city steps” through part of the town but Ben hated them – he hates walking across any kind of metal grates or stairs so he wanted to run down these stairs as quickly as possible! Then we said goodbye to Deadwood and made a quick stop in the nearby town of Lead to see the Homestake Mine pit, which is now Sanford Underground Research Facility where research is conducted on neutrinos and dark matter – obviously Josh liked it!

Josh made us some ham and cheese cracker sandwiches in the car – these are our typical road trip food and the passenger is in charge of assembling these snacks as needed!


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