The conclusion of day four! We found Flume Hike in Black Hills National Forest and it was so much more amazing than we expected. It started off with a bang (beautiful fall colors right along a river!) and just kept getting better! We love the hiking we have in California but I didn’t realize how much I miss true fall colors – yellows and reds!

We encountered four of those weird bridges during the hike – only one wasn’t severely warped! Josh bravely crossed all four but I took the rock and water path when it was available…

After following the river, there’s a climb into a rocky part of the mountain which is where we found the flume tunnel!!! It was actually super creepy so I was happy that it took us just a minute to walk through. Then it was an easy walk back down into the pretty green and yellow trees.

We checked into our hotel in Rapid City (the “haunted” Hotel Alex Johnson, which Josh learned was mentioned in Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest”), got showers (all four of us!) and then walked to a delicious pizza dinner in downtown before calling it a night. We hiked just under 3 miles and the dogs definitely did twice that with all of their exploring, so the whole family is tired tonight!!


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