Sunday in Taipei! This was great. I woke up in good time and ran just over a mile from the hotel to the Elephant Mountain trail! I’m glad I took a water bottle with me because it is 86F here and as humid as Florida! The hike was just a walk up STEEP stairs – a GREAT workout for me now with this little girl. (The amount of blood pumped by the heart during pregnancy increases 30-50% – which raises my resting heart rate about 20 bpm and my exercising heart rate even more!)

The trail wasn’t very busy when I started but as I came back down the stairs, I saw a ton of people climbing up. (I will say that stairs are more scary now that I’m bigger – I try to always hold handrails because I’m so scared of falling!)

I ran the mile back to my hotel, had breakfast in their huge cafe, and then took a cold shower. Phew! I ventured out a little later to find a cafe where I could do some work, but it started raining just as I left the hotel and the one place I did find was really crowded with people inside from the weather. Josh and I did have a nice phone call while I was walking around in the rain, though. 🤗 I walked back to the hotel, found a cozy spot in the lounge (Diamond benefits!), and worked until our 1:30PM transportation to the airport.

At the airport food court, I was able to get a bowl of beef noodle soup, the national dish of Taiwan!! It was the one thing I really wanted to eat while I was here. Goodbye Taiwan; Shanghai tonight!


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