Week 24! August 22.

  • Weight gain: 10 lbs (+0 since last week)
  • Symptoms: constant bathroom trips! But I’m still sleeping through the night so I can’t complain!
  • Exercise: lifted once (with Josh!) and went on three runs with Josh and the dogs
  • Wearing: I went through almost my whole closet over the weekend and put away a ton of tops that are no longer long enough to cover my belly. Gap had a big sale so I picked up long and short sleeve maternity tops and tank tops – 3-4 of each. I’m hoping that these ~12 tops will be all I need for the next 4 months!
  • Movement: kicking all the time! No distinguishable pattern but I’d like to pay more attention to a possible food-to-kick correlation
  • Best moment last week: we decided on a stroller we liked and then I found it on sale so we bought it! I can’t wait for it to arrive!
  • Looking forward to: being home from China. When this posts, I’ll already be on a plane to Hong Kong… second-to-last trip before our baby girl joins us!

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