Continuing our adventure from Friday, we stopped the hike at the first lake and let the dogs cool down in the water before heading up then back down the mountain. I think the views before the lakes are the best part of the hike, even though the trail is called Five Lakes! The whole hike was 4 miles round trip.

The dogs were POOPED on the way back – Josh totally spoiled Samantha and carried her for parts of the descent. Ben found a ball (truly an amazing skill of his – he can find a ball anywhere) and ran ahead to lay with it in the shade, and then Samantha fell asleep on the car ride (she likes to sleep elevated – like a princess – and will curl up on even a backpack).

We stopped at a brewery for dinner before heading to our hotel – Basecamp South Lake Tahoe! Josh stayed here for his bachelor trip ski week and said great things about it so I’ve wanted to visit ever since. It’s really neat – a perfect mix of retro and modern. Ben wanted to go to bed right away but we had to take advantage of the complimentary s’mores! We hung out in the courtyard area and roasted marshmallows before bed. We are all exhausted but agree that today was a success!!


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