Week 15! June 20.

  • Weight gain: 2 lb (1 lb since last week)
  • Symptoms: still sleepy at night but luckily not during the day. Emotional – thinking about how much I love Josh (or the dogs or our families) can immediately make me cry! Started experiencing a little reflux at night after dinner – nothing painful but I can taste what I ate an hour or two earlier, lol. Also bloating is back – if I eat a “normal” portion I get uncomfortably full. I definitely need to eat bigger breakfasts/lunches and smaller dinners because that eases the discomfort!
  • Exercise: more walks with Josh!
  • Best moment this week: hearing all about Josh’s first week at his new job! Second place goes to Saturday brunch with our good friend who was SO excited to learn our news. She is the best!
  • Looking forward to: being home from China! On Thursday last week I was asked to fly to China on Monday night… it makes me feel great that my management can rely so heavily on me to fill in the gaps and get up to speed quickly in a project I currently know nothing about, but I am extra emotional and know I’ll be missing Josh even more than usual (I could have said no but there wasn’t really a great reason and I want to support this team!). I get back next Thursday so week 16 will be from Shanghai!

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