Week 11! May 25. 

  • Weight gain: 2 lbs (up 1 lb since last week)
  • Symptoms: sleepy and emotional! 
  • Exercise: one day lifting, one day running, two days of pilates
  • Eating: my nausea is subsiding a little so I’m trying to eat more than just toast and cereal… but nothing too crazy, just pastas and protein smoothies. I am really not interested at all in chicken breast or any whole protein. 
  • Best moment this week: not baby related but Josh has exciting news that we’ll share in a separate post! Also seeing a little baby bump form (I think it’s a baby bump and not just bloat?) 
  • Looking forward to: Hawaii on Friday!

I’m almost finished with the book Expecting Better, which is an economist’s take on pregnancy standards. I’m loving it and recommend it to anyone who is pregnant or wants to become pregnant! It’s totally data-driven and so much more helpful than the standard unhelpful “advice” on pregnancy websites. 

It was also funny this week when we learned that the baby is the size of a lime – Josh was sure that a lime wasn’t as small as 1.6 inches… but then we remembered how tiny the slices/wedges of lime are at a bar and then figured maybe we just don’t know anything about lime sizes 😉 


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