Week 5! April 13.

It’s weird to me that I got a positive pregnancy test at what’s considered “week 4” of my pregnancy… there isn’t even a baby during weeks 1 and 2!

I had bloodwork done earlier in the week to confirm everything looked good – the hormone hCG is supposed to double every 72 hours, so I went in on Friday and Sunday and mine went up 178% in 48 hours! My progesterone level also looked good (according to my OB :).

Based on this information, the expected due date is December – around the 14th!

I found the standard questions about pregnancy that lots of blogs use, so here they are along with my answers… I skipped some because they aren’t relevant yet and I don’t want to write “n/a” over and over!

  • Weight gain: 0 lbs

  • Symptoms: some fatigue…

  • Exercise: just easy cardio twice and only lifting once. So lazy!
  • Best moment this week: getting my test results back!

  • Looking forward to: first prenatal appointment on Thursday

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