This was my 15th trip to China (for work). We played dice and drank jugs of long islands one Saturday in Coco Park; the following Sunday, we went to OCT Harbor for legit Chinese food and tea at a teahouse, the latter of which was meant to be peaceful but my group is too boisterous so we were as quiet as possible.

One day the materials team went to lunch – the photo is two teams worth of Apple and contract manufacturer employees. I LOVE the team that I work with at the CM – they are so good!! Another day, we went to another legit Chinese food lunch with the PD team (both mine and the CM’s) – this was probably my favorite Chinese food meal.

The last weekend, I went to Hong Kong with four guys from my group and we ate at Iberico and Co, an amazing Spanish tapas place in Soho. I flew out the next day with a happy tummy! My next trip is in one month… why even unpack?!


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