Day 19: dinner at Maido

I had made a reservation for the tasting menu at Maido for our last night in Peru, but we were all tasting-menu’ed out so we decided to order off of the a la carte menu. We are so glad that we did!!!


We started off with four types of nigiri. This was definitely not normal nigiri, but it was so delicious! We had one with avocado, shrimp, and cream cheese flambe; another with angus skirt steak and a quail egg; a third with grilled duck foie gras and eel sauce; and the last with smoked pork, crunchy potato, and quail egg. We were obsessed with these – so amazing.


Up next was sushi! First was the Maido roll, which had onion and shrimp tempura and avoid on the inside, and beef tataki with ponzu sauce on the outside. Amazing!


For our second roll we got the roll version of one of our nigiri… avocado and shrimp on the inside, cream cheese flambe on the outside.


Our final roll was a take on ceviche: shrimp, crispy squid, and avocado on the inside, with a white fish and ceviche sauce on the outside. Yummm!

While we loved our meals at Central and Astrid y Gaston, this might have been our favorite meal in Peru. We are suckers for non-traditional sushi!


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